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The Most Beautiful Regency Town in England

by Jonathan Copeland

This book is a guide to walking through the streets of Cheltenham. It is a delightful town, full of wonderful architectural gems, all of which have interesting stories to tell. It was a fashionable place to visit in Georgian and Regency England at a time of momentous change, when foreign kings ruled the country. It was when Britain successfully fought to be the leading player on the world stage, becoming modern and global in the process.

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Fortunately the most interesting places to see can be covered on foot in a day or two. Don’t rush. It is a town full of history, buildings, shops and many fine restaurants. You will find the locals are friendly and happy to chat.

I hope you enjoy the book and the photographs and most of all the town of Cheltenham.

151 pages
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What they said about Walking Tour of Cheltenham, The Most Beautiful Regency Town in England

“Jonathan Copeland takes us on a lucid and enlightening stroll through the streets of Cheltenham. Whatever your pace – and whatever your distance – this wonderful guide gives context and depth to the city’s rich history and architecture.”

Peter Stark, adventure writer, author of Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire

“A sublime account of 18th century British history when the country changed out of all recognition and the kings were foreign and sometimes mad.”

Ni Wayan Murni, owner of Murni’s Warung, Murni’s Warung Shop and Murni’s Houses and Spa, Ubud, Bali

“The architecture, the history, what to look for, all simply explained.”

Queens Hotel, Cheltenham, since 1838